Aiken 2018 Update

Its been a whirlwind as always in Aiken this year, with 17 horses hitting the ground at the beautiful Stable View mid January.  We are five weeks into our trip and the horses have all gotten back into training and competition mode in excellent fashion.  The event horses have been out twice at the Stable View Horse Trial and Pine Top, with another event scheduled this weekend.  The dressage horses have also put on their dancing shoes and had an excellent outing at Bruce's Field with Gretchen Colleran's Eros VF winning his two Training Level classes and coming home Reserve Champion.  

I have had the opportunity to take some great lessons on a regular basis and be immersed in a culture of the highest level of training.  I feel very humbled and lucky to be able to work with Boyd and Silva and their Windurra team at Stable View.  Its a huge advantage to watch everyone riding at such a high level and see how they operate their businesses.   We are also sharing our barn with Nuno Santos, a Dressage rider from Portugal, who keeps us all laughing and on our toes.  Its wonderful how everyone works together seamlessly, and it is an immense education to just be in this environment. 

I also want to highlight the amazing job the Team at Stable View is doing this year to accommodate all the boarders.  Cyndy and Barry Oliff have done an incredible job of making Stable View second to none as a Winter Training base, and are executing an ambitious plan to make it a year round thriving business.  Their vision and attention to detail has allowed us all to operate our training businesses with ease and efficiency, and I can't thank them enough for all they are doing to make our horses and riders happy and healthy!