Happy New Year!


2018 here we come!

Happy New Year to all our friends, family, clients, and sponsors.  We had an exciting 2017 and while there are always ups and downs, I try to focus on the ups.  Thank you to my awesome husband and son who supported all of my gypsy - like traveling, my coaches for their gifts of time and dedication coming in for clinics to helping me hone my craft and making me and the horses better, my students, clients, and owners for their belief in our system and support of our team, my public and private sponsors who do everything from keeping our horses happy with proper fitting tack & nutrition, keeping us well clothed, transportation solutions, mitigating show and training expenses, to the practitioners who service our equine athletes-the vets, massage therapists, farriers, chiropractors, dentists, saddle fitters, and our amazing staff without whom I certainly could not function.  I appreciate everyone's help, energy, thoughtfulness, and am very humbled and grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.  I can't wait to get back at it this spring, and look forward to some exciting adventures in 2018!