US Dressage Finals Here We Come!

After a successful trip to the Region 2 Finals, we received Wild Card Invitations for both Diego M and Sommersby 25 to attend the US Dressage Finals at third level. We set out this year to slowly bring these two horses along throughout the season as they both had been out of the competition arena for several years due to health issues. Now recovered, we wanted their return to competition to be methodical and calculated, with the goal of US Dressage Finals in mind. They both qualified for Regionals at their first show of the year and allowed us to keep their summer schedule light. I was very pleased with both horses handling the Rolex arena with class, and could not be happier to have received Wild Card invites for BOTH horses. Congratulations to Angela Hambrick who has left no stone unturned and has given both of these horses the time and assistance they needed to recover and get back to the ring. We have to also thank our vets Dr. David Miller (Sommersby 25/Diego M) and Dr. Larry Agle (Diego M) who diagnosed & treated these guys, and our farrier Ed Cigany for his diligence and expertise with Sommersby to help him make a full recovery. GO TEAM!

DiegoNODAhead shot.jpg