USDF Region 2 Dressage Finals a Success!

We had a great time at the USDF GAIG Region 2 Dressage Championships this weekend!  Student Becky Salinger and her horse Arriba had a fabulous showing to finish 9th in the 2nd level Test 3 Final and 7th in the 2nd Level Freestyle Final.  I have to give Becky a TON of credit for her dedication and determination...hauling in for lessons on a twice weekly basis, and helping
"Ted" through a case of serious ulcers in order to still compete.  Hats OFF to you!

Marian SHaughnessy's Flambeau and I contested the Prix St. George on the weekend finishing 4th in the "warm up class" and 12th out of 35 in the Final missing the ribbons by only a few points.  A couple uncharacteristic bobbles (tripping out of a pirouette) and some tension in the canter marred what started out to be a great test.  Considering this is only our 3rd show doing the PSG together I am thrilled with his composure and willingness this weekend.  I am excited for his future, and while he is for sale, I plan to enjoy continuing our partnership to wherever it may lead!